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These HVAC Updates May Reduce COVID-19 Risk

The big question facing us right here is, “is it possible for HVAC and improved air quality to cut down the exposure to the trending COVID-19 pandemic”?

We all are in this together, putting on face masks, keeping a social distance of about six feet from others, and staying indoor, which reduces the amount of time spent in public. These guidelines are meant to be observed to stay safe.

However, are there any HVAC updates that provide tips to reduce the risk of contracting this at home? Absolutely! We have some updates to share on that issue.

Note: We are not a public health or medical officials. All that we have compiled on this short piece is from an (HVAC) Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning expert view. Don’t disregard the safety tips from WHO, and do your best to stay safe.

Back to our subject of discussion, improved ventilation may alleviate the chances of getting exposed to coronavirus. So, what are the best methods to improve ventilation at home? Continue reading to find these updates. 

ERVs – Energy Recovery Ventilators

If you are searching for a quality mechanical ventilator that provides constant air exchanges without any rise in humidity, then an ERV is the best choice. An ERV can be connected to your cooling system to supply a certain level of ventilation. ERVs are not dehumidifiers. The air entering your home will be less humid than the outside without the absence of moisture. Depending on your region, it is a great idea to combine a dehumidifier with your ERV. Balanced ventilation will lessen your risk of contracting any virus. 


UV Light Destroys Virus

The type of HVAC germicidal UV light found in AC indoor units is not new to most of you. The light prevents bacteria from growing on the coil. If you can remember that musty smell like that of the dirty sock at home, the light helps get rid of such.

Research also shows that UV lights are great for fighting and killing viruses. In observation, it was discovered that about 90% of airborne particles from SARS-CoV-1 became inactive after 16 seconds of exposing it to UV light. So this revealed UV light as one of the best options for air disinfection. So, do you now think attaching an ultraviolet light to your HVAC system can get rid of COVID-19 risk? Probably, this could be a smart choice to consider for your home.

You get a guaranteed benefit of preventing mold spores that may proliferate on your indoor coil (AC unit). 


Definitely, some portable air purifiers may alleviate the risk of your exposure to the virus. These kinds of air purifiers are the ones that contain medical-grade HEPA filters. So, in most cases, you may not need to get new equipment. All you need to have is any of these attachments. You’ll be able to get fresher air, breathe easily, and feel safer. COVID-19 virus is real and, as mentioned earlier, adhere to the safety terms and conditions. Getting any of these add-ons could reduce your exposure to the virus in your home.

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