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Major Phases of AC installation Trenton Michigan

Has your HVAC system packed up, and do you need to install a new one? You don’t have to rush through it. Here are the processes for AC installation Trenton Michigan. An expert AC installer will follow these steps to install your new HVAC system.

5 Steps to be Proper AC Installation Trenton Michigan

A trained HVAC technician will follow these processes for installing your air conditioner. 

1. Know Your Needs

Before installation of your new HVAC systems, your installer should understand your needs. Products like humidifiers, ventilators, and home automation systems enhance your HVAC system. Considering your climate, the technician should understand and explain what fits your home best. Depending on the climate, they may suggest if your home would need a humidifier or dehumidifier. Also, if any members of your family suffer from allergies, they should be able to proffer solutions to improve air quality.

2. Guide You to Get the Perfect Size for Your Home

A good HVAC technician or installer should tell you the right size for your home. Having a perfect size is better than just getting a big one. The efficiency of the HVAC system can be lowered if the system is oversized. This could lead to sudden wear and tear and cut short its lifespan. A load calculation should be carried out to determine your home’s appropriate size. If the wrong size is installed, the consequences could be detrimental. Therefore, you (homeowners) should be able to question the installer about this aspect. Aside from the adverse effects of oversized HVAC, it can also cause high energy bills. 

3. Proffer Energy Efficient Equipment

Due to training and experience, HVAC technicians should be able to discuss energy-efficient equipment with homeowners. Air conditioning systems are made to last for up to 15 – 20 years. Installing energy-efficient equipment will make it run smoothly and save you many repairs. You can ask your technician about the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of your air conditioner system. The higher the rating, the better the efficiency. For heat pumps, ask for the HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). A minimum of 8.2 ratings is needed for heat pumps to work efficiently. 

4. Check the Ductwork

The ductwork is another aspect of AC installation Trenton Michigan. Repair should be made on the ductwork, if needed, before any installation. If there is debris, dust or any obstruction blocking the airflow, it should be cleared off. Ducts should be tightly sealed, and proper insulation should be installed for high performance. This will also reduce the cost of energy bills.

Inspect Refrigerant Lines

The HVAC technician should inspect your refrigerant for leaks. New ones should be installed if the lines are bad. During installation, the following should be properly confirmed:

  • Length of piping
  • Braze or solder the pipes
  • Do a refrigerant leak test

All these puts together ensure that the AC runs smoothly as demanded.


As soon as the installation is completed, the HVAC technician should run a final check. Technicians should listen to any strange noise and confirm that the thermostat is working perfectly and that the airflow is balanced in every room. These are important phases of AC installation Trenton Michigan. Lastly, some basic maintenance tasks should be listed for homeowners and scheduled for seasonal and annual maintenance. 


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