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Understanding The Benefits of HVAC Installation Audit

HVAC installation quality control is paramount, just as it is for most industries. It is improper for an HVAC contractor to skip checking for the quality of work done, especially after installing new equipment. If a thorough audit is not done, it could lead to any of the following:

  • Substandard performance that could result in general discomfort and increased energy bills
  • Fluctuations in humidity across the limit even when a dehumidifier has been installed
  • Emits carbon monoxide into your house
  • Leakages of dangerous chemicals such as the refrigerant into your home

Many other things that could go wrong with an AC installer do not make a thorough audit of the work done. Every home with an AC unit deserves a quality control audit after the HVAC installation.

Note that quality control should be carried out a few days after the original installation was done. Sometimes after an AC installation that took the whole day, a tired HVAC engineer may not be in the right mind to make an audit for a quality check. See that the engineer comes back when he is quite fit mentally and physically to make a thorough audit. Here are some of the reasons you need a quality check after HVAC installation.

HVAC installation audit promotes excellent service

Quality work is directly encouraged. An installer will ensure he does his best if he knows that you will make an audit for quality after his work. Even the best technician will ensure he does a quality job to not be termed as an inexperienced engineer. 

Audit creates a standard of excellence

As newly employed AC technicians get into a company, they automatically get that introduction to scrutinize their work. So when they are hired, they live up to the laid down principle for quality work. This is because a baseline has been set for constant improvement. No technician would want to lose a client. In a short while, all you’d see is a team of AC engineers that are striving to perform excellently well at HVAC installations. 

For some installations, after a day or a few days, you notice that some features need to be enhanced to promote quality performance. 

There are a lot of things that could be detected during an HVAC quality check. Every installation is done differently, so also different issues could be detected by the auditor. 

For a beginner, a new HVAC installation could either heat or cool the home that has never been conditioned for many days. That is to say, the unit is overloaded with too much heating or cooling load for a start, which could tell on it. This makes it hard to check it’s performance until the load is balanced.



However, after an HVAC audit is carried out, you may discover some issues after a few weeks. In cases like this, you have to reach out to your AC engineer for a quick repair. Try not to adjust your thermostat unnecessarily. Allow a professional to check it out for you.

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