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How to Get Proactive with Downriver HVAC Contractors in Winter Season

Consider this question for yourself; do you feel proactive or reactive when thinking about your HVAC system? Now that we are approaching the winter season, you definitely don’t want to experience any heat situation. To avert this from happening in your home, you need to get proactive and follow every necessary precaution. The comfort of every home is important at this time of the season. The pandemic has made many to spend more of their time inside the home. Besides, for many individuals, the home is now where they work. Here are some tips that would help you stay proactive with Downriver HVAC contractors this winter season.

Some of the ideas that will help you stay proactive with your HVAC system are listed below:

Make complete maintenance on your HVAC system once per season

This implies that you keep your heating and cooling system well maintained during spring and summer (cooling seasons), and your furnace properly serviced in fall and winter (heating seasons). Properly maintaining your heating and cooling system helps to make them work perfectly in and out of season. You will always be at rest when your HVAC works perfectly.

Replace your filter when due

The general rule for maintenance of HVAC filters is using the width of your furnace filter to know when to change it. For instance, if your filter is 4 inches you are supposed to change it every 4 months, and if it is 1 inch, you should replace it once every month. The environment you live in also determines how often you need to change your filter. If you live in a dusty environment, you have to change the filter frequently to avoid any blockage. Not replacing the filter when necessary could lead to the air conditioner malfunctioning. Lack of adequate airflow is one of the downsides of keeping a dirty filter, which could lead to the system shut down.


Ready for replacement when your system starts getting old

The lifespan of a typical HVAC system is supposed to be between 15 to 20 years. As your furnace or A/C starts getting old, be proactive, and start making findings from your Downriver HVAC contractors to know what it will cost you to get a replacement.  Ensure to replace your system before it starts failing so you don’t lose your home interior comfort. 

Guide your HVAC accessories 

Some accessories like the condensate pump and humidifiers need to be properly taken care of. Keep the humidifier cleanout. Also, replace your humidifier pad every season. This could lead to the failure of this part if not properly maintained. It could lead to clogging of drains, lack of moisture in the air, and other conditions. Always remember to turn off your humidifier during summer, and turn it on in winter.

Install an air purifier for better air quality

Of course, you want high-quality air coming out of your HVAC system. It is recommended that you install an air purifier to enhance your indoor air quality. Also, this will reduce bacteria, molds, viruses, and allergens.


Being proactive with your Downriver HVAC contractors helps to keep your home in great comfort levels. You can always reach out to your HVAC contractor when necessary for a check-up and in times of emergency. Keeping to these rules will help you kick discomfort out of your home permanently.

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