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Critical Parts of Your HVAC System

If you own an HVAC system, take a close study and you will discover that there are some essential components or parts that keep the system working perfectly. These are mechanical parts that are vital for greater indoor air quality, comfort, cost savings, and to crown it all peace of mind. Below are some of the critical parts of your heating and cooling system that you need to be familiar with.

Compressor (condensing system)

Condenser coils can be found in all types of HVAC and heat pump systems. Their function is to cool the home by extracting heat and exhausting them into the outdoor air. This happens when a refrigerant is compressed into a cool gas and then released in the fan blower. It is recommended that you check your condenser regularly, to make sure it is free from any form of clogging and blockages. Also, to avoid overheating, make sure this part is placed under a shade.

Evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are also an important part of any HVAC system or heat pump. The part is also referred to as an evaporator core. This part helps to absorb heat produced by the refrigerant. Most times, they are installed in the air handler below the blower fan. It assists the AC to lower the temperature in a building and bring in heat when the temperature starts going down. Ensure to service the evaporator at least twice annually to avoid condensation. If not, it may start breeding mold and cause unnecessary damage to the other parts of the heating and cooling system.


Thermostats are temperature sensors that are directly linked to the HVAC system via wiring. Some modern heating and cooling systems are equipped with several thermostats at different parts of the home. A programmable thermostat is recommended for the home because it helps to control temperatures and humidity levels directly from your smartphones, computer, or other devices. 

Combustion chambers

The combustion chamber is the most important part of a furnace. Its function is to collect the appropriate amount of heat in the furnace. This part functions like a science experiment bringing together a mix of air and other essential gases to start a heating process. The combustion chamber also captures carbon monoxide and converts it to natural gas. This makes you enjoy every bit of energy from each fuel source. 

Heat exchangers

The furnace is found inside the heat exchanger. Its function is to absorb external heat, and also mask indoor cold with warm temperatures. There is a heat exchanger installed in every furnace. It is protected with a layer of stainless steel and temperature resistant alloys. When there is damage to your heat exchanger, it can lead to a carbon monoxide leak. This gas is poisonous and could lead to a fatal incident. Ensure that this part of your furnace is properly checked at least once a year by a professional HVAC expert.


Blower Motors 

Immediately the heat exchanger gives the right amount of temperature, it activates the blower motor. The blower motors help to distribute warm air through the duct system before it reaches the air handling vents. This helps to spread warm air throughout each room. This part of the furnace runs at high speed but does not produce any mechanical sound. Another function of this part is to keep humidity at a comfortable level.


These parts are the most essential components of your HVAC system and furnace. It is advised that you take proper care of them. If you notice any malfunctioning, reach your HVAC installer immediately. Also, if you are not a licensed HVAC repairer, don’t tamper with these parts, it could lead to severe damage. Always contact your HVAC Company in Downriver Mi. for a check-up when necessary.

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