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When your Downriver home air conditioning system stopped giving you and your family the cool comfort you are expecting or when you have decided to upgrade from the existing one to a new whole-home cooling solution; you can depend on the experience and expertise of our technicians to perfectly and quickly complete your repair or installation needs.

Providing Services that Give Comfort to You in Downriver Mi

During the heat in the summer, having a poorly functioning air conditioning system can be frustrating. Thus, the easiest solution to malfunctioning air conditioning system during the hottest days of the summer is to get the service of professionals for inspection and maintenance every spring. The major importance of it is to allow your AC unit(s) to be in good condition. If proper care is not taking, there will be a time when your AC unit will stop working or not working well as it should be working.

We are bold, passionate, smart, and level headed when it comes to HVAC. For over 15 years, we have been putting a smile on peoples’ faces at Downriver Mi. Regardless of the challenges you are facing, you can call our team of trained AC experts to help you. We perform routine checks on air conditioning and heating units at the beginning of each season and repair or replace any worn-out parts when needed. Having an air conditioner is a great investment that should be secured; thus, our HVAC service will help you prolong the life of your investment, improve its efficiency and make sure that it keeps providing cool comfort all the summer period ahead.

When to Invite Experts for AC Repair?

Before calling a professional for repair, there are some things that you can DIY (Do it Yourself). In fact, there are some things that you can do to fix your broken AC unit. Firstly, check the electrical panel of your air conditioning system to ensure that the unit is turned on and set at a temperature that would force the unit to run. When the electrical panel is set, check the circuit breaker. However, a circuit breaker can trip off, and you need to see whether the one for the AC unit is switched on.

Therefore, if your AC is working but doesn’t get cool as it should be, then there is a need to replace the air filters. Some people prefer to change their filters twice a year, and some follow the recommendation of changing it four times a year. Nevertheless, check to see if there is a need for changing your filter. You can likewise get your condensation and outdoor compressor cleaned. In conclusion, to improve the functionality of your air conditioning system, maintain a good routine check of your AC unit and don’t wait until things went wrong with it. When there is a problem that is beyond DIY, then you can call the Downriver HVAC contractor for a quick solution.


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