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What You Don’t Know About Furnace Coils

Furnace coils play a vital role in the split system. Heat pumps and air conditioners work together by transferring heat from one location to other parts. During the summer season, these two take heat from inside the living room and release it outside. All these are made possible by the refrigerant. The refrigerant moves through the evaporator coil and absorbs heat. The refrigerant then goes outside, expels the heat, gets cool, and continues the circle over and over.

In winters, heat pumps are used to reverse the operation by pulling heat energy from outside and moving out cold air.

Reason for Installing Evaporator Coil with The Furnace

In winters, just as your furnace makes use of electricity or gas to produce heat energy, the furnace coil works as a heat exchanger. It absorbs the heat so that the blower can efficiently function through the air ducts.

Is Cleaning the Coil Necessary?

Cleaning the coil is so important. Furnace coils are not always inside the furnace. They could be installed in their casing. Some of the issues linked to dirty coils happen because the users cannot reach the coil to clean them.

Dust and Dirt

The formation of dust and dirt can lead to unexpected and unnecessary issues. Dirty furnace coils cannot perfectly transfer heat energy. So, you would start to experience your system functions and efficiency deteriorating. In some cases, these dirty coils could hold down the heat inside the furnace. This would lead to overheating and incessant temperature imbalances that could shut down the whole system.

Mould and Mildew

Cold refrigerants saved in the heat exchanger may react with warm air in the house when heat pumps or air conditioner is used during summer. When this happens, it could trigger the exterior to form liquid condensation. This process will create a convenient place for mould and mildew to grow. This has to be controlled immediately, to avoid any effect on your indoor air quality.

Furnace Coil Maintenance

Just as mentioned above, it is almost impossible for homeowners to reach the furnace coil. Notwithstanding, the appropriate time to clean your coils is during the seasonal heating tune-up. This could be scheduled between the fall period, just before the cold winter days. 

For you to properly maintain your furnace annually, without encountering any fault, you could register with a maintenance company. 



Now that you have known about your furnace coil, you should keep to your contractor’s guidelines to help keep your furnace out of sudden issues. In case your furnace coil stops working, you’ll need to contact your trusted technician to fix or replace it immediately. Note that the part that would be used for replacement is dependent on your furnace manufacturer, the system settings, model, and other factors. There are several types of coils available, both out-of-cases and in cases. Though you don’t need to stress yourself searching for the right coil for your furnace if you reside in Michigan. Contact a professional HVAC contractor in 27518 Telegraph • Flat Rock, MI 48134 and the rest will be sorted out.

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