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How Roofs Affects Heating and Cooling System

Do you know your roof can affect your HVAC system? As the roofing material decorates and protects your home from the elements, it can also affect the energy efficiency of your HVAC system, and it may be the reason why you have been paying or battling with high energy bills. Here are some ways on how they do affect your HVAC system. 

Reflective Roofing

At the base reflectance level, the roof Shields and stops the sunlight from getting into your home and making your HVAC system work difficult to cool your home like it should have been. As the indoor temperature in your home gets consistent, your thermostat reads along so accurately and effectively. Because of that, it controls your air conditioning system and heating to operate much more efficiently to get your needed comfort level. Although ancient days’ roofs cannot be compared to the Modern days’ roofs which always have a reflectance level of 25 and above, that implies they reflect at a maximum of 15 to 30 percent of the solar energy that hits them away from the building of your home.

More reflectance of sunlight varies in different roofing materials that are used on your roof. When you apply a light color paint on your roof, you will succeed in getting a great and better reflectivity. Well, highly reflective paint or highly reflective roofing will get you the better and cool results.


This material is also very helpful in preventing the transfer of heat. Get a good roofing material with the emittance value of not less than 80, so that it will be able to free up to 85 percent of the heat it usually takes in, with this you are sure to enjoy your heating and cooling system accurately.


Thermal Insulation

Adequate roof insulation will help you to regulate the temperature that is inside your home and minimize the energy consumption rate too. A badly insulated roof will free your home’s heat to go freely during the winter, but in the summer, it will free attic heat to go through the rest of your house resulting in your heating and cooling system working more than it is supposed to work.

Proper Ventilation

Whenever there is no proper ventilation, it affects and stores up the heat in your attic. During this period, your entire home will be heated up and can also cause serious harm to your HVAC unit’s effectiveness as it does not work well to release the unwanted heat collected as usual. Attic vents usually rise the airflow inside the attic, allowing the passing out of hot air from the HVAC unit. 


Energy-efficient roofing material is very good and comfortable to invest in, as it assists you in making better use of your HVAC systems efficiency and working effectively. Just be sure to get the good material for your roof and do the proper maintenance and control when need be, then you will enjoy the comfort of your HVAC system in your home.

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