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How to Save Money On Heating and Cooling Systems

For individuals used to heating and cooling systems, they would have already understood that the system accounts for almost half of the home’s energy consumed. This can be up to 56% of the total utility costs. It consumes more than the refrigerator, dishwasher, light bulbs, dryer, and water heater put together. 

The heating and cooling system will consume less energy, only if it works more efficiently. If you are using a heat pump or a window AC unit, it is always important to make sure the systems are well maintained to avoid unnecessary costs. 

Regardless of the type of AC unit you are using, there are several ways of cutting down heating and cooling costs in the home. Some of the tricks need a kind of financial investment to gain realistic long term saving. At the same time, others are just simple and free methods. Follow the tips below to lower the cost of heating and cooling system.

Professional Tips For Reducing Cost Of Heating And Cooling Systems

Schedule Maintenance Frequently

Make sure your heating and cooling system is inspected at least twice a year. You can also register for preventive maintenance to ensure that your system is functioning at its best and at the same time at the lowest cost. 

Install A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat helps to regulate indoor temperature. You need a minimum investment amount of about $200 to get a thermostat. This will, in turn, save you over 12% annually. 

Replace Old Pumps

There is a need to replace old parts to make your HVAC system work perfectly. The heat pumps are one of the parts to change when it gets old. This alone can reduce the cost of energy used every month. 

Replace The Filters

The filter on your heating and cooling system is another part to replace when it gets old or diagnosed with malfunctioning. You need to change it and keep the coil free from dust. This will make the system work more perfectly and reduce the cost of energy consumed.

Ask For Energy Audit

Performing an energy audit should not be overlooked. If you notice that your bill is going outrageous, call an audit expert to inspect and tell you the best ways to save on costs. 


Other Ways of Saving Cost

  • Make use of energy-efficient bulbs. Though they are more expensive than the regular light bulbs, they will save you a lot of extra bills in the long run compared to the standard light bulbs.
  • Caulk your window and try to weather-strip your doors to stop cool air from escaping outside. 
  • Use thick window curtains to prevent the sun from entering your home when the heat outside is high. 
  • Avoid using your oven more often. Use an electric crockpot or make use of an outdoor grill.
  • Reduce your daily bathing from 15 to 10 minutes. This will help you save electricity and water. 


Saving the costs of energy consumed by your heating and cooling system is not complicated. Your heating and cooling system should be regulated to fit your monthly budget. Follow these instructions to get some cuts off your energy bill cost today.

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