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AC Repair Downriver Mi Tips to Replace Rotting Insulation and Fix Noisy Air Conditioner Units

All air conditioning systems are subject to damage over time, no matter how strong the product you are using is made. Among many other problems, rot and noise are the two major problems you should expect from your AC unit down the line. However, in this context, we’ll discuss these two problems and provide some remedies you can use to tackle the AC repair need.

Rotting Air Conditioner Insulation

If you observe an unexpected increase in your energy consumption, many things need to be put into consideration. Your AC can be the reason for the high consumption if used. However, if you observe a rotting AC insulation, replacement is the best bet. Rotting insulation can consume more energy when the problem is not solved. You can DIY this task. Simply remove the rotting insulation and use a tape measure to take the measurement of the diameter of the out outside AC line. Thereafter, get an insulation foam to prevent condensation, moisture intrusion, and loss of thermal efficiency. It could be hard to get the exact same size at any store; therefore, you need to get it from a refrigeration store or from the manufacturer of your AC model.

Once you get the new insulation foam, cut it to the desired length but give extra allowance so that the wires will be well insulated. Ensure that the air conditioner lines are aligned appropriately before removing the liner to reveal the adhesive seal. After that, attach the two sides to firmly wrap the air conditioner line with the new insulation foam. If you think that these are difficult for you to do, let a licensed and certified HVAC contractor in Downriver Mi take the headache away from you and provide the best solution.

Noisy Air Conditioner Systems

Noisy air conditioning unit can be so annoying, especially during the night when everywhere is silence. Apart from the night, it will be disgusting to come back home with a visitor during the day, and when you decided to put on your AC unit, you started hearing some noise from your condenser. This problem is common to old air conditioner units, though it can be solved if you think your AC system is too old, a replacement will be the best bet.

However, let’s be a solution focus. To start with, we need to detect where the annoying noises are emanating from, and know what could possibly cause the noise. If you have some ideas about the air conditioning system, unscrew and life its top panel up to open it. Thus, you will need some helping hands to hold the motor while you put on the sound blanket to deflect the noise. If your air conditioning is an old model, it will be helpful you replace it with a new one. Normally, newer models of AC units in the market today works quietly as compared to those old ones.

Moreover, when you open the cabinet of your AC, find the fan and remove any debris there or around the blades. Sometimes, dirt may fall into the unit and be noisy as a result of the movement of the blades. If the problem you detected is more than what you can handle, contact a reliable HVAC contractor around you in Downriver, Michigan. If the problem is not debris, check to see the condition of the blade if it hasn’t loosened. The sound may also be coming from the compressor if you are using a new air conditioner system. In such a circumstance, you can install a sound blanket to solve the issue. But if it’s an older AC model, don’t bother buying any sound blanket because the fan will still be making noise. If you want to reduce energy consumption, new air conditioner models are more energy efficient.

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